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Shelf File Folders

Shelf FoldersColor-Coded Folders

If you can imagine it, we can create it!

All shelf folders can be made-to-order. Consider printing, punching, fasteners, numbering or color coding.

Available in manila, kraft and 12 stock colors. Letter size, Legal size and any size in between to meet all your filing needs.

Most Standard Sizes and Features

9 1/2" back, 9 1/2" front x 12 1/4" (incl. tab)

9 1/2" back, 9" front x 12 1/4" (incl. tab)

With or without 1 1/8" (2 ply) reinforced top and/or side tabs.

Standard 2 scores plus fold score.

With or without tick marks on tab.

Standard Sizes and Features


FilebacksFile more efficiently with filebacks. By adding a fastener, each divider holds documents securely in place, making them easily accessible without disturbing other documents. Any number of filebacks can be fastened to one another.

Customize your filebacks with printing, various tab sizes and position, along with color or clear lamination on the tabs, plus mylar-reinforced holes and collating. Choose from the styles below.


Color Coding Systems

It takes more than just folders to make a complete filing system. It takes organization.

Color coding can be the solution to your filing requirements, when you need to repeatedly coordinate, store and retrieve hundreds of important files and documents, such as medical records and legal documents. Transform a sea of manila into an eye-appealing rainbow of neat, organized files.

Color Coded Labels

Color Coded LabelsUse labels to arrange your files in one of three ways: terminal digit, straight numeric or alphabetic. All of our labels are crafted for strong adhesion.

The addition of color coded labels acts as a visual aid, which helps in numerous ways. Consult with your representative to determine the system that best suits you. Here are a few of the benefits:

Increased Efficiency

File and retrieval efficiency is increased by 50% with highly visible numbers or letters. This saves time and money.

Locate Files Quickly and Eliminate Misfiles

What an easy system! Since the human eye can recognize colors faster than it can read a row of numbers or letters, files can be found in seconds. Misfiles are recognized quickly and virtually eliminated.

Organize Hundreds of Files in Less Space

More good news! A color coding system requires shelf file folders, meaning easy file access. Shelf filing systems save 30% in filing time compared to top tab systems. Plus, they save as much as 50% in floor space, because less space is needed for opening of draws.

Colored File Folders

Here's a different approach to color coding - try colored folders. Use them to manage and distinguish between different categories of dozens of files, such as month, year, client, or any breakout you desire. Select from a rainbow of colored paper stocks.