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Pressboard Products

Pressboard Products
Pressboard Products
Pressboard Products

Pressboard ProductsWhen you need extremely durable and versatile file folders, consider Pressboard™ products. Select from three different types of paper stock, each in a variety of standard and bright colors. For added strength and expansion, all folders have non-tear Tyvek® gussets.

Pressboard folders and classification folders are available in top tab style or shelf tab style, with or without undercut, with or without tick marks.

In addition to offering a full line of commodity classification folders, NECI offers a menu of specific, custom options which include, but are not limited to:

Fasteners: Embedded or Bonded in 1" to 2" capacity, or Docuclip™. factory installed in a choice of eight different positions.

Dividers: For fast retrieval of contents, turn your pressboard folders into "classification" folders with 1, 2, 3 or more dividers. All standard dividers are equipped with Fastener.

Pocket Dividers: A convenient alternative to fasteners, store items that cannot be hole punched or held with fasteners.

Printing: Custom printing on front, back or inside of folder and front and back of all dividers.

Color Coding: Let us create a system or match your existing one with color-coded labels or color Pressboard.

Sizes: All pressboard folders are available in either letter or legal size. All dimensions can be customized to your requirements.