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Custom Indexes

Customize Indexes

To guarantee your complete satisfaction, your representative will discuss the following information with you:

Total number of sets

Number of tabs per set

Tab cut required (e.g. 1/3 cut across, 1/5 cut across, etc.)

Stock: Most standard size is 7pt. or 9pt. in white or manila

Sheet size, including tab: Most standard is 11" x 9" (side tab) or 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" (bottom tab)

Printing: Tab only; Tab and body of sheet (specify 1 or 2 sides); Color of ink

Clear or color lamination on tabs

Number of holes, if punched

Mylar® Reinforcement on holes

Collating or other packing preferences

Now you can develop an efficient indexing system with use of custom printing, tabbing, and bright laminated colors.

We maintain a large supply of fine paper stocks in many colors. Indexes can also be custom sized.

Choose any color ink for printing tabs or for the body of the index.

For laminating, select from a rainbow of 16 Mylar® colors, as shown here:

Custom Indexes